Why Using Instagram is Non-negotiable for Your Business

You should be on Instagram. And even if you’re not a “social media enthusiast” you should be using Instagram for your business. Here’s why.

The Audience is Massive

You just can’t ignore the numbers behind Instagram. Statistics indicate that Instagram is about to hit one billion active monthly users. Now, that makes it one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. And if that’s not convincing enough, then it’ll catch your attention to know that more and more people are searching for products and brands on Instagram before looking up them up on Google. The point is; Instagram is a phenomenon about to explode into something HUUGE. Indeed, you don’t want your business to be left out, do you?

Instagram Is All About Story Telling

There’s no better place to tell about your business story right now than Instagram. You see, people love stories. In fact, that’s the reason celebrity gossip goes viral in a few hours. The same is true for dramatic events. For your business, this means that you can develop an emotional connection with your followers. Think of it as a way of building a mutual relationship with your potential customers. All you need to do is to come up with creative feeds that aren’t pushy. Focus on eliciting emotions instead.

Visual Content is Great for Marketing

Instagram allows you to post photos of your products. Numbers show that visual posts are likely to boost engagement with the audience by a whopping 650%. In simple terms, you can curate content that resonates with your customers by using attractive imagery.

… But, you need to get the followers first

Don’t get it wrong; Instagram will help you to take your brand or business to the next level. However, you need to grow your following first. After all, you must have the audience to showcase your product or service to, right? One of the best ways to increase your presence on Instagram is to buy followers. Yes. You will invest your money to get a following that will help get your brand noticed by potential followers. On that note, visit https://spireusa.com/buy-instagram-followers/ to discover the upsides and downsides of buying Instagram followers. That way, you’ll invest your cash from the point of information.

In conclusion, if you are not marketing your business on Instagram, you are missing the chance to close in more sales. Open an account for your business today and start to reap the benefits.