Why Get An Artificial Vs. A Live Christmas Tree

There are people who hate the very thought of putting up an artificial tree for Christmas, while others are quite enthusiastic about it; those in favor are usually the people who have used one in the past. The truth is that there are advantages and disadvantages to either one, so read on if you too are pondering which to get this holiday season.

Natural is beautiful

When it comes to real Christmas trees, fir and pine are the two most popular choices. However, aside from the initial cost of purchasing the tree, you may also have to pay for its transportation back to your place and then for having it removed from your home. There will also have to be a time commitment on your part, given that live trees need water throughout the holiday season.

It depends on the type of tree you have, but expect a lot of shedding and the consequent cleaning up. In order to reduce the shedding, one alternative is to get a pine tree instead of a fir tree; the other is to get an artificial tree that doesn’t leave behind any needles at all.

Why go artificial

Quality artificial trees mimic live trees very closely, so the looks shouldn’t be a problem. The best part is you can get them as lush or as minimal as you like, and the chances are you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to track down exactly what you want. That’s because there are many shops that sell artificial Christmas trees online, so purchasing the right one is really easy; check Xmastree Express and you’ll see for yourself.

But probably the main advantage is that they are non-allergenic, making them the perfect choice for children and adults alike suffering from allergies but still wishing to share in the holiday cheer.

Moreover, you will get to use the same tree for many winters to come; you might even say it is an investment, since you will be saving money on the long run. And just imagine how good it will be next winter, when you won’t have to go all over town looking for the right Christmas tree because you already have it at home.

This being said, perhaps the main disadvantage to owning an artificial tree is the lack of smell that is so characteristic of Christmas. What you can do, in case you do decide to go artificial this winter, is to get a real Christmas tree branch and hang it up next to your artificial tree.