What You Should Be Looking for in Salad Spinners

Many people like salad. However, the majority of those salad fanatics feel queasy at the thought of a poorly-dressed salad.

If you put yourself in their shoes, you could see that they have point.

The solution, therefore, is to buy a salad spinner. And while you’re out shopping, make sure you get the best kind.

Here are the criteria when choosing a salad spinner.

Superb Construction

You would want a salad spinner that features solid construction. Apart from having a powerful engine, you would want it to be stable, sturdy, and heavy-duty. You would want it to handle those leafy greens well.

On a related note, be wary of the equipment’s power settings if you opt for an electric salad spinner. While it should accomplish the job fast, it should also handle the ingredients well. If it’s too powerful and it spins salad ingredients too quickly (i.e. a medium-sized salad in about three seconds), it can be counterproductive; the salad ingredients may no longer be fresh and nutritious.


Additionally, be keen on a salad spinner’s capacity. How much salad ingredients can it process?

On the market, there are salad spinners that can process leaves of up to 18 cups. So, if you usually make salad for a big group (say, 15 people), you should look for equipment that can make that production possible — without, of course, needing to use the salad spinner multiple times.

First-Rate Drying Mechanism

Next is to address a salad spinner’s drying mechanism. Drying salad ingredients — especially those leafy greens — is no easy task. With centrifugal force, a salad spinner worth choosing should be able to dry certain ingredients in less than a minute.

Efficient Design

Finally, look for a salad spinner with an efficient design. Make sure it enables an easy-to-operate system (i.e. features a one-click mechanism). You should also focus on the sizes and shapes of its holes, as well as on its storage capacity. Can it fit the typical amount of salad ingredients you want?

On top of that, you should make sure that a salad spinner’s design makes it effortless to clean. A tip is to get a dishwasher-friendly equipment, so you will not consume too much time and effort during the cleaning process. After all, leaves can get trapped at its basic parts (e.g. lid, basket, and bowl), which means these stuck pieces are almost impossible to reach using a sponge.

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