The best trash can for my kitchen – How to choose the most convenient trash can?

There is no such house, which could do without a trash can. Really, the dwelling can be without a toilet or a bathroom, but the trash can or box for garbage is always present. Nowadays, a lot of convenient and, much importantly, beautiful trash cans were invented by manufacturers. But how to make a right choice among such variety?

In a case of the choice of a garbage can it is worth paying attention to:


It depends on how often you intend to throw a trash into a can, from the number of members in a family and from your capability to “generate” trash. Therefore, for example, one family eats semi-finished products. In the end of a day, their trash can contain only several cardboard boxes from under cutlets. Another family consumes only natural products and therefore in a day in their bucket appears several packets, a half of a kilogram of potato wastes, and onions peel and other trash. Thus, the last family should take out trash several times a day, and the first – one time in three-four days.

Production material

Today the market is crowded with plastic buckets. It is also possible to meet stainless steel — they differ in the increased durability, will sustain the negligent relation of children and teenagers.

Beauty and aesthetics

The kitchen is not just the room for cooking today, it is the certain world, the atmosphere creating comfort and a coziness. In addition, the trash can even more often become an interior element.

The form of a can determines its placement. As a square, triangular and rectangular take fewer places they can be stood in the corner.

Convenience of use

Of course, it is possible to use also simple can. However, it is much more convenient to deal with the touch, pedal or pressing household trash can.

Types of trash cans — what trash can would you choose?

Here you will learn the general information about main types of trash cans. In order to learn more about the trash cans available, visit

  1. Draw out – mounted can. When opening a door the mechanism of the highway pushes out a bucket forward.

Benefits: convenience of use, a simplicity of a design and ease of repair.

Shortcomings: is not suitable for all types of kitchens.

  1. The elementary can with a cover

This is the housekeeper. The option is very convenient and easy-to-use.

Benefits: low price, usability, availability.

Shortcomings: low level of comfort, lack of additional functions.

  1. A can with a pedal

The mechanism of opening of a cover allows not touching a can with hands. It is very convenient if hands are soiled in food. The can with cover blocks smells and prevents loss of garbage from a bucket. It can be executed in any materials. But most often such buckets made of metal.

Benefits: simplicity of a design, durability, durability and availability. Such buckets are in any household shop.

Shortcomings: Over time, the mechanism can warp, and then the cover will be showered sideways.

  1. Touch can

It will open a cover by itself when you bring a trash to it. In addition, separate models independently calculate dimensions of garbage and open a cover exactly so as far as it is required.

Scientists went further and invented a bucket with the cover opening like supermarket doors. Now it is possible to throw in a wastebasket an apple bit, a ballot box “will catch it a look”, will open doors and will slam as soon as the garbage appears inside.

Benefits: comfort of use, beautiful and stylish design. This bucket can be even a gift. It isn’t a shame to brag of such ballot box.

Shortcomings: difficulties of leaving — replacement of batteries, respect for the purity of a sensor and door.