Replacing Foosball Men

Your foosball table is a collection of different parts that work in unison to help you play the game to completion. You have a field with goalposts at both ends and foosball men that you use to play the game. However, with time, these parts get faulty due to regular use and the impact on the foosball men hitting the ball.

One of the parts that get broken and needs replacement is the foosball men. Another part is the foosball itself. With foosball men, you have to understand that there are various sizes, dimensions and more before you can buy. Let us look at the various aspects you need to consider when finding the replacements for these men.

The Rod Size

When replacing a foosball man, it is imperative that you replace the whole set as compared to a single player. To do this, you need to understand the rod size before you make the order. The most common rod sizes are 5/8”, 9/6” and ½.” After you understand the dimensions, you can now find out the set that fits your rod. Some table brands use their sizing. Take note of the sizing so that you can use it for future purchases.

The Color

This is obvious – the foosball men come in different colors. If you have several foosball tables from Foosball Fanatic, it is imperative to choose a color that matches the broken man so that you can maintain the flow.

The Feet

Besides the colors, you also need to understand what kind of feet you need for the footmen. The feet come in different kinds including knife-blade toe, clubbed toe, and hybrid toe feet. If you are a fan of one kind of toe, then grab it otherwise you can try another kind.

The Look

For some extra fun, you can go for realistic looking men. Otherwise, you can stick to the robotic ones that have square chests. You can go for men with hats.

The Pins

You might need the pins that hold the men in place. If you lost the pins, then make sure you get a few for the setup.

In Closing

Foosball men get broken easily after regular use. Whenever the time comes to replace the men, you need to make sure you get the right replacement.