Neck Pain, Herniated Cervical Discs, and Treatment

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on medication to treat herniated cervical discs or neck pain. You don’t even have to go through surgery. What follows is a list of ways to ease the intensity of suffering caused by herniated discs and neck pain without burning through your purse.

Traction Devices

These work by stretching your neck gently to reduce pressure on your spine. Unlike most conservative methods used to treat neck pain, traction of the spine is highly effective and fast-acting. Cervical traction helps relax your muscles and increase flexibility. It also takes the pressure off bulging or herniated disks. The result is improved range of motion, mobility, and alignment, allowing you to go about day to day chores with relative ease. On that note, visit Free Your Spine to view a selection of the best cervical traction devices on the market and what they can do to help ease your pain.

Physical Therapy and Exercise

Embarking on a regular exercise regimen can go a long way in reducing pain in your neck. Also, your physician may recommend options such as ultrasound or placing ice on the affected areas to reduce muscle spasm. It is essential to note that you have to get an accurate diagnosis before using physical therapy and exercise to treat your pain.

Chiropractic Manipulation

This involves manipulating your joints gently to improve function while reducing the pain. Again, you can only use this treatment option for mild pain. High-velocity manipulation, also known as adjustment isn’t ideal since it can aggravate your suffering or damage your nerves.

Activity Modification

Some day-to-day actives can worsen the pain caused by herniated discs. It is, therefore, advisable to keep off such tasks to prevent irritating your nerve root. These activities include lifting heavy items or any other activity that can increase the vibration and compression of your spine such as running, boating or snowmobile vibration. Others include rotating or extending your neck.

The Bottom Lime

Treating herniated discs or neck pain can be expensive. In fact, doctors recommend that you seek treatment as soon as you begin to notice the pain. That way, you can treat your condition before it escalates into something serious. Of course, you can use medication, injection or opt for surgery in severe cases. Even then, you have to consult with your doctor to know if these options are best for you and your stage of pain.