How You Can Use Twitter As A Gardener

Social media has taken the attention of the whole world not only as a platform for entertainment but also as a place where commercial activities can be carried out. Twitter has a rank among the most commonly used social media platforms. It has been used for quite some time and has seen its users increase over the years. As a gardener, there are many ways through which you can use it to improve your work.

    1. As a source of information on farming

When researching on the various aspects in agriculture, Twitter provides a forum where a variety of creative and resourceful information can be gotten from. The user receives a wealth of information to use.

    1. Finding a market for your products

The individual can use Twitter to display to the world what they have. Among the many users of Twitter, there will occasionally be those that want to purchase what you are producing. It is a very productive platform when it comes to marketing, and the results are excellent.

    1. Automation of your marketing

While it is not possible to spend all the time on this as some of the core activities will be compromised, it provides a forum where you can automate it and only get reports after some period. This is essential in ensuring that all the followers and subscribers are well attended to at the same time not compromising your work. This is cheap and effective as you only receive an update after some time. You can learn whatever you want to know about tweetangels which is an automation tool and make informed decisions.

    1. Establishing social presence

Farmers in the past were known to be people who were backward and knew very little about technological aspects. But Instagram offers a forum where they can bring to the public their works. They, therefore, use Instagram to let the people identify them to their work. When this happens, the followers will be interested to know more about the products and the processes displayed.

    1. Interact with other gardeners

There are others in the markets that do the same activities that you do. Using this platform, you will be able to link up to them and create a relationship with them where you will learn from each other and also correct each other. Additionally, this trend has been adopted by many gardeners and has seen the growth of their works and development of groups that help each other.