How to choose a good wine?

Is it rain? Is it frostу at night? Does it look like a snow just about to start? In our latitudes, it is possible to purchase a good bottled Spanish sun, aromas of the French flowers and feeling of the Italian dolce vita on lips. Argentina and South Africa – it is where we were not having been yet – are with us too.

However, here is a hitch. The shelf with wine in big supermarkets is too long. The prices on labels can be from 20$ to one-two thousands or higher – such amounts, which you are able (or habitual) to spend for a pair of expensive shoes. How to choose a good wine that shall derive pleasure in the cold autumn evenings?

In wine case, as well as in life, a concept of “the best” is very conditionally.

If we compare wine from one grade of grapes, one region and the same year of a harvest, we can say that one producer is better than another is. However, when buying wine in the shop you will hardly be able to choose the best one. Here is where the indicator “the price equals to quality” became valid. If to proceed from this criterion, table wines can be far better than brand.

Another important indicator is the occasion for which you are buying a bottle of wine. It is senseless to buy expensive wine for outdoor shish kebabs; where even may be no proper glasses. If such is the case, it is better to buy inexpensive, but more suitable wine for a certain time and place.

If you decided to buy wine from France look for wines of category IGP (Indication Geographique Protegee – the protected geographical name). In other words, on the label of such wine indicated the specific area in France where wine was made. Such wine has a higher quality level than common table wines.

The Chilean and Argentinian wines have a very good ratio of the price and quality. From this point of view, the European, New Zeeland and the USA wines look very attractive. By the way, the European wine is not only in wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rioja, Ribera-del-Duero, Montepulciano and the Chianti. Wines from the French Languedoc, the Spanish Castile of La-Machi and Portuguese Vinyl Verde are rather inexpensive but can bring you the mass of pleasant feelings.

After making a decision does not forget to buy a quality wine bottle opener (find more at Pop a Cork). Bear in mind that sometimes it may be very difficult to open a bottle of wine without spoiling it. So if you do not want to make your new white shirt dirty, pay attention to this matter.