Displays In Stud Locators: Do You Need One?

Displays in stud locators are a nice touch and a useful feature. Basically, they can help you detect studs with a higher accuracy, help you reduce the risk of a mistake and make a job easier. But, there are a lot of different displays found in stud locators. The first thing to know is that magnetic stud locators don’t have displays. They use LEDs in order to alert you for a detected stud. In addition, some also use sound signals.

A quite popular feature is detecting the edges of studs. In fact, it is reserved for more advanced models and it is very needed for operations which require the highest level of accuracy. It is closely related to displays because they must support the edge detection, meaning that they can show you when the edge is detected.  Additionally, you will want to consider about a type of display you want on your stud locator. Although each model has different display, all of them can be divided into two categories. Into simple and advanced ones.

Simple displays: Basic data

Simple displays are LCD units, but they are small and they can display only the range and the detected stud. Most of them also support battery level information, but not all of them. Nevertheless, they are accurate and offer a decent visibility. Despite the fact they are simple units, they still require a fully charged battery.

Advanced displays: Additional information

These displays are a real pleasure to use. They are bigger than the first type here and they offer a better information quality. The real secret is in the data they will show to you. Besides the simple detection alert, they also offer the signal strength, meaning that the results are going to be far more accurate. Different modes are supported as well, so you don’t have to guess or test a stud locator to check which mode has been selected. All of them have the signal strength as well. In this case, a better signal means better accuracy. The bottom line is that advanced displays in stud locators are ideal to use and they are perfect for beginners and professionals.

An interesting fact to consider is that models with advanced displays are usually paired with the feature which allows them to detect studs deeper in the wall. This is actually very important for buildings which have a dual drywall configuration.