Common Causes Of Sleep Disorders

Specialists recommend that an adult should get about 6-8 hours of sleep in day. Lack of sleep can affect your health negatively and cause weight gain on some people. You may also find that you tire easily, which affects your overall productivity. You may have experienced lack of sleep for a long time that you even tend to believe it is okay to be so. The following are some of the causes of lack of sleep among many people.


You may find it hard catching some sleep when you have some diseases. A good example is when you have a cold, and you may find yourself having breathing problems. People with obesity also experience insomnia in some cases. You have to go for a medical checkup if the problem seems to be chronic. Avoid self-diagnosis because some of the problems might be serious. Ensure that you take healthy foods as some may cause discomfort while you are sleeping. Take your meds before you retire to bed but also give them time to work on your system.

Unconducive environment

Sleeping in an area with lots of disturbances such as loud music and other forms of noise may make you uncomfortable. Ensure that you find a house in a quiet area or else you will always have problems catching some sleep. You can also install soundproof insulation in your house and enjoy peaceful nights. There may also be excessive light in your bedroom which causes disturbance. It even gets worse if you sleep during the day and work at night. A sleeping mask is the right solution as it creates a conducive environment around your eyes. Relaxation Masks reviews some of the best ones to make it easy for you to make a decision.

Stress and depression

You may find yourself rolling on your bed for hours without sleep when you are stressed. Many situations can make you stressed such as relationships, new roles at job or even finances. It starts as stress then it graduates to depression which starts to affect your physical health as well. You need to address your stressing situations if you want to enjoy peaceful nights. You can join a support group or even participate in an activity that will keep your mind occupied.

It is easier to work on solutions once you understand the cause of sleeplessness. Figure out what works for you because it may vary from one person to the other.