Abandonment Due to Child Custody

One of the critical ways to do away with the abandonment of kids after a divorce is to understand the child custody options that you have after a divorce. Most of the abandonment issues happen when you fail to resolve your issues with your spouse, and then you focus on your own problems, leaving the kids unattended to.

After all, it is essential that you play an active role in your kids’ life unless some of them are unfit due to substance abuse, neglect or any other similar issues. However, some situations force you to abandon your child, you could look at these issues as well.

How Is Child Custody Determines

The state that you live in is the one that determines how you decide on child custody. For one state, the court determines how the custody is awarded depending on the needs of the kid. In most cases, the custody is given to the most responsible parent while the other one receives visitation rights.

What Factors affect This Decision?

Various factors affect the decision of the court to award you sole custody or shared custody. In some states, the court looks at various factors to decide what is in the interest of the kids. It is essential that you have the financial, emotional, physical and mental capacity to care for the kid before you get the custody.

Other factors include the stability of the home that you are currently owning, your ability to get involved in the kid’s extracurricular as well as school-related activities and the wishes of the kid if he is 12 years or older. Additionally, you don’t need to have any history of neglect, abuse or violence towards the kid. Any of these can make you lose the custody battle altogether.

The court evaluates these factors and decides who is to take the kids. If you are a responsible parent, then you have the chance to get visitation rights, which can be weekly or monthly. On the extreme case, you might have to see your kids just once a year, or never at all if you have been an abusive father. What the court seeks to do is to avoid any cases of abandonment.

The Bottom-line

Take time to understand the factors that contribute to the abandonment of your kids. When this happens, you need to know that the kids are the ones that suffer so much. The court usually decides on custody issues depending on how you have handled the kids before.