5 Overlooked Techniques to Win Followers on Instagram

If you are already applying various Instagram follower grabbing methods, and you still find it ineffective, then you must have overlooked a few techniques to win other users over. Here are a few examples of such techniques:

#1: Sharing Testimonials and Reviews

When making purchase decisions, social proof means everything. If you intend to use Instagram to promote sales, then you have to add customer testimonials or reviews in your posts. Anyone can say that their product is top-quality, but it’s even more credible if potential customers see that other people give out positive reviews of your products. Overall, it would build a positive perception of your brand.

#2: Discounts and Promotions

You can make use of Instagram to share discounts and other promotions. Quite often, other competitors will focus too much on improving their aesthetics, but forget to entice customers with sales. By sharing occasional discounts, you can get fans to act more urgently and so become customers. Remember, customers will lose interest over time if there is no incentive for them to patronize your products. Thus, it is ideal that you keep them engaged with various discounts and promotions to prevent them from eventually becoming indifferent.

#3: Live Broadcasts

Instagram Live is a feature that you should consider making use of. Most brands around the world constantly brainstorm new ideas as to how they can create strategies that work best for Instagram Live. As for you, you can use them in different ways, such as a Q&A session, tutorials, and so on.

#4: Utilizing Automation

Hold on, don’t ignore this just yet. Automation is not as bad as you think, as you can double or even triple your productivity with them. As long as you know how to utilize them, they should not pose much problem for you. If you are interested, read The Best Instagram Bot to Grow Your Business 3x Faster (2018), as they have interesting reviews.

#5: Creating a Carousel

There is a relatively new feature, the “Carousel.” It is somewhat underutilized, but you can use it to spice up that Instagram content calendar of yours. One simple change enables you to post different pieces of media on one Instagram posts. One exciting method of utilizing this is to help you tell a story since the collection of images can produce a narrative for the audience.


Now that you’ve read this, you should have a few new methods that you can try to help with your Instagram marketing. Try sharing testimonials and reviews, discounts and promotions, broadcasting live, utilizing automation, and creating a carousel. If you are overwhelmed, just take it slowly, and you will surely improve.