4 Reasons Why Chocolate is Addictive

There are numerous aspects that people find in chocolate that makes it so delightful. Here are a few reasons as to why people just can’t get enough of it.

Caffeine and Nicotine: Alkaloids in Chocolate

You are likely familiar with caffeine since a common beverage such as coffee contains a considerable amount of it. Also, you also should know nicotine that cigarette has, which is addictive. Now, these are both present as minor constituents of chocolate. At this point, you can assume that chocolate consumption can be energizing and addictive. Yes, it can induce potent effects especially if the substance is pure.

Dopamine Systems: The Brain’s Reward Circuit

Anyone who loves eating chocolate would tell you, “It is good, that is why I eat it.” Now, the question is, “What makes chocolate taste good for us?” Chocolate apparently triggers the release of dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain, and it has a connection with reward and pleasure systems. Thus, eating chocolate makes you feel good, and for other people, that is a reason not to stop eating it. Overall, it is comparable as to why people smoke regularly and will not stop.

Serotonin: Neurotransmitter For Stable Mood

Similar to marijuana, chocolate has some tryptophan, the essential amino acid which is necessary to produce serotonin. Therefore, the product is a neurotransmitter which works in ways that keep people in a stable mood, by making them feel at ease. Although it is not only chocolate that contains serotonin since other sources of carbohydrates also have it. However, that is another factor as to why it is addicting.

Delicious Taste in Multiple Forms

Besides its psychological and physiological effects, chocolate still is a physically delightful food. One can eat chocolate bars or chocolate drinks, and enjoy its benefits and taste. Also, chocolate also works well when combined with other types of food, such as in cooking recipes, desserts, shakes, as well as other interesting stuff. Overall, you cannot blame chocolate or its constituents for being so enjoyable, as the food itself tastes delightful.


Chocolate is quite a popular food preparation due to various reasons. First, it has constituents, such as caffeine, nicotine, and tryptophan, which produce physiological effects in the brain that make it addictive. Also, consumption of chocolate can activate the dopamine reward pathways, which triggers a sensation of pleasure. Lastly, the physical taste of the food and the multiple ways in which the product can participate in various food preparation makes it delightful.